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First stop of the OZ/NZ Super Tour: Auckland

February 19,2019

Here's the latest from the DC Skateboarding team currently in Auckland for the OZ/NZ Supertour. Featuring: Tiago lemos, Wes Kremer, Tristan Funkhouser, Evan Smith, John Shanahan, Jaakko Ojanen, Tommy Fynn, Alex Lawton, and Shaun Paul.



Video: Jimmy AstlefordJames Magnus James





Photos:  Mike Heikkila


Tiago Lemos, Sw Heel


John Shanahan, Fs Tailbash


Tiago Lemos, Sw Bs Tailslide


T-Funk, Fs Alley oop 


Evan Smith - Fs Air


Evan Smith, T-Funk, Jaakko Ojanen - Bump to bar Ollie train



Tiago Lemos - Crook Gap out


The squad off to the next destination. 




Next stops: 



Saturday FEB 23

Instore signing : 1 – 3 pm // Fast Times Skateboarding, Westfiled Southland Shopping Centre, Cheltenham

Demo : 430 – 6pm // Chelsea Skate Park, Chelsea



Saturday MAR 2

Demo : 430– 6pm // Waterloo skatepark






Follow @DC_Skateboarding to stay tuned. 



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