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Wes Kremer's New Part - #WesKremer

April 16,2020

Wes Kremer never joined the social media movement. Not because he is stubborn, more or less because he enjoys real human interaction. Rather than post clips of himself, or worry about how many followers or likes he is getting, Wes would rather just go outside and skate with his friends. No strings attached. Some days he might just hang and watch the homies skate, and some days the homies might be sitting there with their jaws dropped watching him. Those daily sessions, over time, manifest themselves into amazing video parts that leave you with no choice but to pick up your board and go skate. Although you can’t see what Wes is up to every hour of every day, rest assured that every time you’re checking your feed, he is living his present life to its fullest with a huge smile. Today is April 20th. Lo and behold, the almighty HASHtag: #WesKremer.




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