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Go Skateboarding Day in Bordeaux Recap

June 22,2019

The EU Trippin’ tour kicked off in Bordeaux, France for Go Skateboarding Day last Friday, where the crew began the day at local skate shop Riot, then celebrated the unveiling of DC French ambassador Leo Valls and artist Nicolas Malinowsky’s “Play!” installments across the city of Bordeaux. Big ups to all of the people out there doing good things for skateboarding in their local communities! #GoSkateboardingDay #DCtrippin



Video: Jack Thompson  / Photo: Mike Heikkila






Tiago Lemos, SW Pop Shuv



John Shanahan, Bs Nose Blunt



Squad spot



Josef Scott, Nollie Bs Flip



John Shanahan, Fs Blunt



Evan Smith, Kick Flip Pyramid



Squad pushing



Squad chilling



Thaynan Costa, Bs Banana Slide




Everyone at Pyramid spot

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