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July 16,2018

Alongside DC team riders Josh Kalis, Tristan Funkhouser, Wes Kremer and more, John Shanahan and John Gardner provide an all out assault on their home turf,  the North Eastern US in DC’s latest video project STREETSWEEPER live now! Watch video  and see photo gallery below. 









John Shanahan, Blunt Back D – NYC - Photo: Blabac





John Gardner - Five-0 in Brroklyn - Photo: Mike Heikkila





Jaakko Ojanen - Heelflip in Brooklyn - Photo: Mike Heikkila





T-Funk -Wallie NG Indy - Photo: Blabac





Cyril Jackson, BS Flip, NYC - Photo: Blabac





Madars Apse, Handstand, NYC - Photo: Mike Heikkila





John and John - Photo: Blabac

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