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DC Trippin' Tour: So_Lo_Down event in Berlin

July 04,2019

BERLIN, July 2nd. A kids-gone-wild, cash-for-tricks day of spot hopping. A reckless final session on an astonishing-located street course. A never-seen-before joint venture of supreme core media. A DIY re-design stage for the pure love for skateboarding, sneakers and creativity with hiphop artists making your soul shake and your body bounce to the very climax.  All this and more was showcased during the SO_LO_DOWN Joined Session presented by DC Shoes and co-hosted by TitusFor further insights of this unforgettable day, please check the video and pics!










Starting the bus tour




Berlin | Secret Spot



Tiago Lemos | Kickflip




Arthur Giat | Wall Nollie



Leo Valls | Pushing in Berlin










Leo & Shintaro



Art Workshop



Shintaro Hongo | Alleyoop Fs Wall






DJ Keenone


John Shanahan | Wall



Josef Scott Jatta | Nose Gring



John Gardner | Wall







Photos: David Manaud & Mike Heikkila 

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