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Last stop of the OZ/NZ Super Tour: Sydney

March 03,2019

To wrap up an amazing tour the crew spent the last 5 days on the coast of Sydney, Australia, skating some amazing spots and tying it off with a Demo at Fernside skatepark, AKA Waterloo featuring: Tiago Lemos, Alex Lawton, T-funk, Wes Kremer, Tommy Fynn, Jaakko Ojanen, Pat Roberts, Evan Smith, and John Shanahan.



Video: Jimmy AstlefordJames Magnus James






Photos: Mike Heikkila



Tiago Lemos, Crooks Up



Tommy Fynn, Kickflip Bs Lip



Tiago Lemos, Sw Flip



T-Funk, Boneless



Wes Kremer, 180° Fakie 5-0



Funk & Girl



The gang - good vibes at the demo







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