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Q&A with Super-Stylist Heidi Bivens

August 05,2022

We’re excited to announce that we tapped costume designer and esteemed creative Heidi Bivens to style our new women’s campaign. For our Fall ‘22 campaign, Heidi helped us create looks inspired by DC’s skateboard heritage and true to our modern consumer. The opportunity made sense to Heidi, who has extensive experience with fashion, skateboarding, and creative subcultures — she clearly understands the symbiotic relationship between the three. We caught up with Heidi to talk about her career, hanging at Pulaski Park, the authenticity of skate culture and so much more.






You're a Costume Designer for 2022's hottest HBO series, Euphoria; you've worked with cult films like Mid 90s and Spring Breakers; before all this, you had an illustrious career as a Fashion Editor in New York. What is the key to success and longevity in your industry?

I think a lot of the opportunities I’ve had, have everything to do with the way I’ve diversified within the Fashion and Film/TV industries. Instead of only focusing on one career path, I always gave myself the freedom to pursue whatever interests me, whether it be styling or costumes, and most recently directing.

Y2k / 2000s fashion is back, in a big way - why do you think this era has captured the hearts of Gen Z?

I think fashion is cyclical and after a resurgence of ’90s culture and style, it makes sense that Gen Z would discover and embrace the early aughts.


In 2022, luxury houses have adopted baggy denim and chunky sneakers in their runway shows - a classic skateboarding aesthetic. Why do you think luxury designers find inspiration in skateboarding and the streets?

Youth culture has been a constant inspiration for many fashion designers, and with the advent of athleisure and street style becoming popular again, it’s become much more acceptable and even desirable to incorporate more casual clothing into a high fashion aesthetic.

DC is a heritage skate brand that was an absolute juggernaut in the 2000s and continues to inspire and support skateboarding worldwide. What made you excited to work with DC?

The history of DC as a company and its roots in skateboarding hold fast and true. It’s become a universal brand that I feel nostalgic for and reminds me of my personal history growing up hanging out at Pulaski Park in Washington, D.C. with some of the best skateboarders of that era.

Why do you enjoy working with cult brands / the skateboarding industry?

The authenticity behind cult brands has always given a certain kind of street cred. I love that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on high fashion design and you can still get respect from peers by wearing brands that align with your personal aesthetic, taste, and values.

What are some key 2000's trends you adopted in the styling of this DC women's campaign?

Sporty spice always. Definitely that Y2K spirit. Gender fluidity by mixing in men's collection pieces.

What is unique to styling a skateboarding brand or project compared to a traditional fashion gig?

The family atmosphere amongst the team, all in it for the love.

Skateboarding is known for attracting renegades, free spirits, and creatives - is this what keeps skateboarding "forever cool"?

Absolutely. You could equate the same free spiritedness and passion to any art or sport, but as skateboarders were considered outsiders for so long, there’s a certain mystique that comes with the subculture.

You shot the campaign with legendary skate photographer Mike Blabac, who has been working with DC since the 1990s. Tell us about this.

He’s part of the brand's DNA! So much history with Mike & DC and it was exciting to be on set with him and watch him work.

What's something you've noticed that's changed culturally for Gen Z's today vs. the youth of the 90's/2000's?

The youth of today seem to have a shorter attention span and have access to so much more visual stimulation with social media. Individually is sought after in a world where trends and ideas travel faster.

Is there anything you want to share with the readers about how to style the ultimate DC 2000s skate-inspired fit?

Personalizing is key. Whether referencing favorite cultural icons of the era or being inspired by someone you see walking down the street, making it your own creates the best style.


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