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Push Your Own Story | Naomi Wild

February 22,2021


DC Shoes is proud to present Push Your Own Story featuring singer and songwriter Naomi Wild. In this chapter of our campaign, we focus on self-expression through music tying to personal style as it crosses paths between comfort and confidence. Push Your Own Story features the Manual as a blank canvas providing endless opportunities and embracing your truest style.

“I think fashion and music are totally parallel. For me, I really have to feel, breathe, like embody, who I think I am when I’m writing something or when I’m performing something.”

For many of us, comfort plays a paramount role in our creativity. What we wear and how we wear shoes and clothing is a huge proponent of our identity and often, the catalyst of our output. When you throw on your go-to pair of kicks paired with an outfit that is equally comfortable as stylish – you’re left feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

Keep Pushing. 

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