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Fusing Creativity and Individuality with Brittany Byrd & Naomi Wild

January 26,2021

Break the rules, be creative. Recognizing that creativity happens in front of and behind the camera, DC tapped creative powerhouse and emerging stylist Brittany Byrd to collaborate on our Spring 2021 campaign.


Join us as we go behind the scenes on our recent photoshoot as Byrd mixes her influential style while preserving artist and songwriter Naomi Wild’s individuality and creative edge. Once you are done, take a dive into our Q&A session below.



Aligning our Spring campaign to themes of creativity and individuality, we recently connected with Naomi Wild and Brittany Byrd for a special Q&A session. The duo exchanged their own set of questions, exploring spaces of love, inspiration, and life.


Answers by Brittany Byrd
Questions by Naomi Wild 


What’s something you live by? 

The idea of radical self-acceptance. Seek fresh air, take deep breathes, get fly for no reason. These ideologies help keep me grounded and reminds me that if something is for me, all I have to be is myself to receive it. Also, Meditation daily. Going through different experiences I was taught to just keep pushing through but when I realized its okay to be still, it changed my perspective for the better.  


What does love mean to you? 

Love is creation. Love is a trust and respect I place in someone. Love is unconditional. To think of love with no conditions could be brutal but it’s truly accepting someone for all that they are with no expectations, just the frequency. Love is the space for pain for refuge for growth. 


What’s something you’re proud of? 

My sense of style comes to mind first because it shaped how I choose to curate life. Then it would be not giving up no matter what life throws at me. Working on my spiritual practice as I do my art or anything else makes me proud because It’s not always the easiest.  I try to promote self-care as much as I can because in this information age always on a screen its fire to tap in and be in tune with self, take care of your heart, your mind, peace and body. 




Answers by Naomi Wild
Questions by Brittany Byrd


How do you think your environment shapes your views? 

By constantly reminding me to be present.


What's your relationship to ego?

Kill it.


What inspires your music?

Collaboration and vulnerability.


What do you feel makes you different?
I am me and no one else will ever be me.


What keeps you grounded other than music?

Love, empathy and gratitude.


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