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Artist Series - Tobin Yelland

October 25,2020

Photographer and filmmaker Tobin Yelland started taking pictures of his friend’s skateboarding at the age of 15. His work features the daily experiences of unique characters through humor and rawness with youthful invincibility. Tobin’s work has expanded beyond the world of skateboarding to become a collection of images that lend a voice to an entire generation, transcending locales and social identities.


Yelland’s photographs have been exhibited worldwide including The Luggage Store, Deitch Projects, Thread Waxing Space, White Columns, Institute for Contemporary Art Philadelphia, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, among others. His photographs have been featured in various publications including Thrasher, Dutch, Spin, and The New York Times. His film work ranges from documentary to music to commercial genres. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


The first board in our Artist Series features some of Yelland's most memorable photos taken at San Francisco’s iconic “Embarcadero” skate plaza, also known as "EMB". So, we asked Yelland to add his artwork to DC's Every Man's Board, also known as the EMB. With the 90s-era EMB skate photos and the skate-inspired deck feel of the EMB, this collab perfectly celebrates the shared heritage of skateboarding and snowboarding.



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