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The Importance of Black Sabbath and Master of Reality

October 30,2021

Black Sabbath—and the heavy metal movement it spawned—is eternally linked to skateboard history. Sabbath has been the soundtrack for some of the heaviest-hitting skate parts of all time. It’s still the go-to music for skaters around the world as they pack into smoke-filled cars, stumbling from spot to spot as “Children of the Grave” puffs out of the shitty, blown-out speakers. 

The sights, sounds and smells of skateboarding reek of Black Sabbath, and especially their groundbreaking 1971 LP, Master of Reality. With the album turning 50 this year, we wanted to celebrate one of the most important heavy metal albums of all time, and it's particularly huge impact on skateboarding. From Tony Iommi's iconic opening coughs on "Sweet Leaf" to the foot-stomping "Into the Void," Master of Reality launched a new movement in rock that still speaks volumes to outsiders, misfits, stoners, metal heads and skateboarders around the world.

When Sabbath released Master of Reality, it actually received poor reviews from critics at the time. But today, it's not only revered as their most accomplished album, it's often credited as being the first and most influential heavy metal album of all time. Having already released two great albums in 1970, Sabbath was surely a heavy metal band prior to Master of Reality but the darker, moodier, and more introspective tracks put the band on a new path and set a new benchmark for just how heavy metal can be.

50 years later, Master of Reality is still the heavy metal album by which all others in the genre are judged and it pops up on just about every "Greatest Rock Album" list ever made. It's been on our list for a while now, so we were overly excited to step into the void and create the DC X Black Sabbath Collection.

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