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Bob's Burgers | Burgers on My Feet BTS

June 24,2021

One of the best parts about the DC x Bob’s Burgers collab was that we got to play with our food. We literally had to find a way to make our shoes fly with some burger fixins thrown in the mix. As you’d expect when tossing around shoes with ketchup and mustard, things got messy. But, we shot it all in super slow-motion and the end result was pretty amazing. To bring this concept to life we worked with Bubba’s LA, an award-winning creative production company out of Los Angeles, CA.

We sat down with Buddy Bleckley and Ian Nelson from Bubba’s LA to the get the details how they pulled it off. Check out the behind-the-scenes video and interview below.


Can you tell us a little bit about how this project came to life?

Buddy: I’m friends with Chris Ray (DC Shoes Films Director) through years of shooting skateboarding. For the last year or so I’ve been posting on instagram all these little practical effects/engineering projects as well as all the work I’ve been doing with the roboto, Chris saw what I was doing and hit me up to do the project. 
Are you guys fans of Bob’s Burgers?

Buddy: Big fan! When Chris hit me up about the project, the immediate answer was yes, absolutely 100% yes. It’s the perfect match to my sense of humor and I grew up near a tourist beach town so it hits home a little more than most shows. 
How did this rig work to make the shoes fly?

Buddy: Most of the rigs we make are based around pneumatic actuators, basically little air powered pistons that we can control very precisely. By doing this we can control how high the objects are going to bounce, and the exact timing of when the table is going to pop up. Doing this with the robotic arm we get to repeat the same movement over and over and it is way more efficient than using humans. We have used them a lot in the past to make smaller objects fly, but for this rig we wanted the whole table top to pop up and down. So we attached 4 actuators to each corner of the table and it gave us the power to launch up a whole table top and all the ingredients. However, some of the shots like the ketchup and mustard flying, we used just regular old human power, robots can’t always do everything. 

Ian: We had a few rigs working in different ways on this shoot, Buddy made a table where the whole surface pops up, he outfitted it with 4 pneumatic cylinders, one on each leg. We also had another pneumatic cylinder that hits a spatula and flips a shoe like a burger in the air as well as another rig that spins the shoe while it pops up. 

Was this rig custom-built for this project, or something you have used before?

Buddy: This was custom built for this shoot and most shoots we take existing parts and modify them for each of the specific products. However once we have built it once we know how it works and its just another tool we can add into our tool kit. 

Was this the first time you have thrown food and condiments at shoes?
Buddy: Haha yeah this was for sure the first but hopefully not the last time! We haven't even touched the potential of BBQ or hot sauces… maybe a round two is in the works?


Ian: Yes. Haha and I hope it's not the last! That was a blast. 

How was the cleanup/ aftermath?

Ian: We're still finding Ketchup and Mustard around the studio! It was worth it though. 



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